Brand new mobile fleet management app features

We have launched a BRAND NEW mobile app for iOS and Android.

Here are the features that you can use to increase the efficiency of your work:
Complete overview - Overview of all the tasks that need to be completed - visualized on a map with the order of fulfilment.
Real-time updates - Real-time updates to the states of the tasks - watch the daily tasks get completed in real time.
Drag & drop management - Easy drag & drop management and assignment of tasks in the management or calendar view.
● Route optimizations - Once all the tasks have been entered the software optimizes the driving route of the car to minimize time spent and distance travelled.
Driver’s mobile app - The mobile app will be with the driver all day and give him updates about the works that need to be completed.
Digital documents - The documents are digitally attached to the tasks and the driver can review them on his application.
Clients’ signatures - Once the task is completed it’s possible to have the client sign off on the work being completed.
Complete analytics - Time spent driving, time spent loading/unloading. How much mileage has been driven while on a task?

If you need help or you have any questions then just contact us and we will help you.